Some information on leather & suede and their




When we say “garments” , we refer to the final product that is a direct result of: practices and problems of

6 interlocking industries.










*Consumers and








*Conditions under which animals live:


*Feeding habits and food quality .


*Environmental conditions:


*Scarring from trees, fences, insect bites, fighting between animals, scarring from branding as well as  from sheering .




*Methods of slaughtering and methods of skinning




**Skiving cuts. – .Uneven splitting  *Foul tanning methods *Dye stability – .



*Stretching of skin

*Faults and scars in the skin are covered up in the tanning process with waxes and powders




*Manufacturers will choose skins on two bases. One is price and the other is feel.

*Cutting techniques .

*For the sake of fashion , at times, manufacturers combine materials that are incompatible in servicing. Such as a garment that has to be D/C but contains trimming that can only be washed.


*Due to lack of testing , some manufacturers use inappropriate threads that might shrink and pull the  garment out of  shape , and /or inappropriate adhesives that will creep to the surface of the garment . This process is accelerated during cleaning.

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